Grand Vitara


The Suzuki Grand Vitara was born from a single idea; whatever you love doing in your life, you should be able to just do it. In our busy lives, it’s easy to lose track of what’s really important, like taking your love of life out onto the open road. The new, third-generation Grand Vitara is a pure Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) born and bred to free the spirit and open paths where none existed before. Under the product concept of “off-road athlete”, the Grand Vitara was rigorously engineered to excel in a wide range of demanding situations. The goal was straightforward: Improve on the existing all-road mastery, efficient performance, practical urbanity, and the ease of use that has made the Grand Vitara such a worldwide success. The DNA for success stems from Suzuki’s heritage of sporty 4×4 vehicles with real off-road capabilities while advanced automotive engineering provided the breeding.

Thrilling transmission

Automatic transmission features sporty shift-gate configurations, plus gear ratios tuned for satisfying acceleration, a smooth, quiet ride and effort-free operation. (Summit specifications shown).

Increase fuel economy and sporty

Performance with the five-speed manual transmission. New output-reduction design enhances shift feeling and durability, with reduced vibration. (Dune specifications shown).

Instruments & controls

Audio control switches, positioned on the front of the steering wheel spoke, are easy to find and easier to use. The Grand Vitara Summit models also have cruise control for effortless touring.


Not only does the Grand Vitara give you the power to get wherever you want to go, but its overall quality makes sure that you get there in style. The fully automatic air-conditioning system keeps you as cool as you please while the top-class entertainment system makes your journey so much more enjoyable.

Sound & climate control

Fully automatic air-conditioning system maintains the ideal cabin ambience for increased driving enjoyment.

Grand Vitara’s cabin design is well-matched to its sporty exterior styling. The refined atmosphere encourages driver and passengers to relax, while the smart, dynamic layout implies an active, fun-loving lifestyle. Available high-quality audio systems include single- and in-dash six-CD tuners. All factory-installed systems feature steering wheel-integrated controls for easy operation.


A step inside the Grand Vitara takes you to a whole new world that is pure Suzuki. All passengers are seated comfortably, making the Grand Vitara the ideal travel vehicle to accommodate not only friends and family, but all your activities too.



Noise and vibration reduction

Noise-reducing and vibration-absorbing materials have been extensively used throughout. These measures, together with the focused chassis and body engineering and the rigid “Built-in Ladder Frame,” enhance occupant comfort and increase all-round driving pleasure under a wide variety of driving conditions.




60:40-split rear seats can be separately reclined for individual passenger comfort, or tumbled forward for more space as lifestyle meets demand.


With its bold new front mask and impressive fenders, the Grand Vitara is both dynamic and stylish in its appearance. Tough enough for off-road driving yet elegant enough to grace the concrete jungle, this vehicle is practically an adventure waiting to be driven – in style.

Built-in Ladder Frame

The “Built-in Ladder Frame” which integrates a ladder frame to a monocoque body increases rigidity and durability without adding to overall weight. This lightweight, one-piece body also reduces overall and floor heights, increasing cabin space despite its high ground clearance. Adding in the fully independent suspension further enhances resistance to twisting and flexing while contributing to linear handling response for smoother on-road cruising and impressive off-road traction. The bottom line for driver and passengers alike is the freedom to go where you will and the stability to enjoy every minute of it.


High levels of occupant protection comprise standard driver’s and front passenger’s SRS dual front airbags with seatbelt pretensioners and force limiters, plus SRS side and curtain airbags. Note: The SRS airbags are shown inflated for descriptive purposes.



4-mode 4×4

The Grand Vitara’s 4-mode 4×4 system transmits power to all four wheels at all times, ensuring positive traction regardless of road surface. A switch built into the centre console lets you quickly and easily change modes between 4H for most driving conditions, 4H Lock for serious off-roading and 4L Lock for extreme surface conditions. Switching to N-mode frees the transmission for safe and effortless towing of the Grand Vitara.




The fully independent suspension features front MacPherson struts and rear multi-link geometry, complementing the “Built-in Ladder Frame” and decreasing body noise while increasing on-road response and off-road handling.



Take the long way round

Whether you’re gliding over smooth surfaces or taking on rough terrain, the Grand Vitara’s powerful engine and transmission will turn every journey into an unforgettable experience. With confidence in your Grand Vitara, you can undoubtedly go where you want, when you wish, taking along whomever you please.


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